Types of hosting suitable for different clients

Not sure how to go about choosing the right hosting server for your client? Start by reading the descriptions below to get a quick breakdown of the different types that are available.

1. Shared hosting

If your client is starting a new website, a shared hosting server could fit the bill. In a shared hosting environment, a single server is used by dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people.

Most hosting providers offer inexpensive shared hosting plans. A sharp increase in traffic could cause issues for any website on the shared server, but this type of hosting can suit clients with basic needs.

You can always shift your client’s website to a VPS server, once it starts generating a lot of traffic.

2. VPS hosting

virtual private server (VPS) is similar to a shared hosting environment in that numerous sites are hosted on the same server. The main distinction is that each account is granted exclusive access to specified system resources.

If your client’s website traffic is increasing and they need more resources and control over the server, a VPS is an excellent option — especially if they don’t want to spend on dedicated hosting.

Its exclusive access means that even if another site on the same server is experiencing high traffic, it will not cause others on the server to slow down. So, for clients with a heavy customer base, it’s best to choose a VPS for smooth performance.

3. WordPress hosting

If your client doesn’t have a hardcore customer base and is not expecting a lot of flexibility on their website, then go for WordPress hosting server.

A WordPress hosting service provides many features like:

  • Simple site setup
  • Dependable staging environment
  • Fine-tuned and simple-to-use dashboards
  • Improved caching
  • Guaranteed security

It’s worth considering if you need something safe, effective and dependable.

4. Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting allows users to access the resources of several servers on the same network and is better equipped at resisting hacker assaults. This approach is best suited for big corporations because it already comes equipped with included security measures.

This ensures that data is safe and secure across all internet infrastructure, apps and platforms.

Although this type of hosting server is relatively new, it offers a great middle ground between VPS and dedicated servers. Cloud hosting plans are cheaper and generally more stable than VPS and dedicated hosting servers. High scalability and performance in VPS and dedicated hosting will demand a higher price.


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