Who hosts this website? Tips and tools for finding

These days, most companies of a decent size have their own websites. And while employees might be able to steer you to the address, often they don’t even know who hosts this website you’re tasked with keeping healthy.

When I ask these folks who hosts their email — or the website itself — often the response is a blank stare. Or my personal favorite: “Who is hosting my website? Well … Bob’s nephew set it up years ago, but he’s away at college and we can’t get in touch with him.” In a way, it makes sense. People just need web and email hosting. They just want things to work. Who hosts a certain website just isn’t their concern.

There are some tools already installed on Mac, PC and Linux systems that can help you find out who hosts a website, so you can get to work.

Find out who hosts this website in three steps

  1. Use ping to find the IP address.
  2. Use WHOIS to find the host information.
  3. Use a dedicated service to look up details.
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